This is the History of The Round Family of Rehoboth

prepared by Mike Rounds 13th generation American

The Round Chest- 400 years old (14 generations passed down thru Rehoboth Round family) 6 board chest-Link-->identical to Brewester chest in Mayflower Museum.

The Round Family of Rehoboth is one of the first families to settle the New World. Family tradition states that the Round family arrived in America before the Pilgrims. This tradition has yet to be successfully disproved. My Grandfather Emory Round told me that originally there were three brothers who settled from England. Although many branches of our family are scattered throughout the US, our branch of the family remained in Rehoboth on land owned in the Round family for over two and one half centuries. Infact, all the grandchildren of Emory Round were born within ten miles of land given by Gov. Bradford's sonof the Plymouth Plantation to John Round (link) in 1689. When I was a boy my Grandfather would take me on his Postal Route and talk about our Round family. This is my interpretation of our history through the eyes of Emory Arthur Round of Rehoboth and the legacy he wanted me to forever pass down through our generations.

The Round Family is linked to seven Mayflower (link) passengers (the Hopkins, Billington & Samson families), President Garfield, three Governors (including Marion Rounds Gov. of South Dakota), and a White House Executive Emory Rounds III, under Pres. Bush. George Bush is decended from Judith Round of Rehoboth.

Francis Billington who was Renew Carpenter (link) Round's (Jabez Round's wife (link) grandfather was married to Christian Penn. Christian Penn's first cousin was William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania. This is the farthest part of our tree that goes back 506 years to John Penne(link). Francis nearly blew up the Mayflower in the first winter.


Their father John Billington (link) was the first person tried and convicted for murder in the new world for gunning down John Newcomb on the Plimouth Plantation.

Stephen Hopkins (link) was in Jamestown before coming to Plimouth, and he was shipwrecked on his voyage to Jamestown. This incident prompted Shakespeare to pen "The Tempest" and since his rescue was made possible by showing the crew how to ride a humback whale to safety, he gave birth to the whaling industry of Nantucket.

I have two goals for my Web Page. The first goal is to link all the John Round family members from around the world. I have created a data base which will capture all the family members of John Round. Also, I hope this Web Page will serve to put the pieces together and explore the history of the Round family and a look at the early days in Rehoboth. The second is to provide a history of the Round Family and the importance it has had in shaping our nation.-SCROLL DOWN FOR ROUNDS LINKS

This is one of the first Round Cemeteries
Arthur Ellsworth Round
The Ancestor Round Homestead from 1700's
Church in North Rehoboth Jabez Round built in 1784
My 13th Gr Grandmother was Constance Hopkins of the Mayflower. This is a plaque at her Gravesite in Cove Cemetery in Eastham MA. Many Pilgrims left Plymouth for Eastham for the better farmland.

Russell Round was the first son of Arthur Round. He served in the Marines in World War I as a drill instructor . He shot some smugglers in his Canada Border Patrol Job.


The Children of Emory & ALice Kenny,Cindy,Arthur, Terri, Mike, Trey------My mother wants to give you her bean recipe and tell you she still bowls a 150.

Emory Jr, Emory Sr, Russell, & Abbie Rounds

all lived on Rounds Place Attleboro

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